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The Abuse of Power and Trust

September 25, 2018

"When the female voice is repressed and stifled, the entire community can easily find themselves cut off from the Sacred Feminine, depriving themselves of the full image of God."  ~ Rob Bell


Now, we are experiencing the rising of the Divine Feminine in all her Power and Might.  She is reclaiming her Crown, her Sovereignty and her Freedom.  She has now drawn the line in the sand and She is saying:  “This far – and NO FURTHER!”


Sexual – and all forms of abuse – have been experienced not only in the political arena – it is a virus that has permeated all walks of life.  From the family environment, to the Education Sector,  to the Workplace, to the Religious Sector, to the Spiritual Communities and Modern Mystery Schools, to the pubs and clubs, human and sex trafficking – sexual and other forms of  abuse is everywhere.  In all cases, it is a gross misuse and abuse of Power and Trust.


“This entitlement to manipulate others for sexual supply is exploitative. When there is deception employed, brainwashing and grooming the person, it compounds the abuse to the unwitting parties involved. It constitutes abuse. Period.”


 “At its core - negating and invalidating a person’s experience who has been exposed to abuse, who now courageously steps forward and speaks out, in the hopes of preventing this from happening to others - stems from a combination of failure to empathise with victims and a fear reaction triggered by the human drive for self-preservation and it also serves to perpetuate the abuse."


This is done by dismissing the reality of the person’s experience, shaming them - in an attempt at ridiculing and humiliating the person into silence, thus persuading others to view the person who has spoken out as not credible, making up stories – fake news, liars, looking for attention, evil…..the list goes on and on……


The dark works in darkness – it has been Humanity’s dirty little secret - and thus has been allowed to thrive in Satan’s Playground…..

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”


Shining the light of awareness onto these dark paths and into the Abyss renders the denizens useless. It takes a very courageous Soul who has tremendous inner strength, a pure  Heart, to speak out and stand in their Truth in the face of total and gross abuse of power and trust.


There are even those in so-called "spiritual schools" who brainwash people into accepting such abuse by saying that if something bad happens to you it is because of your own negative thoughts or attitudes and they make statements like: “don’t be a victim”, or “we cannot afford to play the victim and pretend that we have moral righteousness and superiority.”


"This is another kind of defence mechanism, one that leads those close to perpetrators to either deny or diminish the perpetrator’s  abuse in order to avoid dealing with the difficult cognitive process of accepting that they were capable of such a thing," too afraid to acknowledge just who they have been serving, refusing to take accountability and ownership of their own part in protecting the perpetrator. Now is the time for you to stand up....see something, know something - say something!


 And there are those with a vested interest, who actively and deliberately keep these behaviours swept under the carpet, in order to keep their status quo and not rock the boat.   These ones - (sadly this includes women - not only men) - are fully aware of the abuse being committed but will keep silent for fear of having to lose their status, their “skin in the game” –  they choose to do nothing - and in remaining silent, are complicit and are accomplices.

The elephant in the room.


And shame on us that we have come to this.  These are UnGodly behaviours.  Where is our moral compass?  What has happened to living in integrity?  Where is compassion?  That it has become acceptable and the norm to live in an inverted and perverted society where the perpetrator is protected and the victim – because, yes – that is what a person who subjected to any form of abuse is called – let’s not sugarcoat that – is now subject to a more subtle form of abuse for having broken the silence. 


Just think about this for a moment though, these people, who have been through hell and back and are now breaking their silence – these ones – they are the fearless heroes and heroines in this story.


It takes tremendous courage and inner strength to make themselves vulnerable enough to stand up and speak truth to power.  Even though they know they will be targeted, ridiculed, blamed and shamed – they still stand up.  Whether it took them a day, a year or years – they do not hold a “victim-mentality” frequency – no, not all – this is what saying:  “This far and no further” looks like.   This is what standing up for what is right and true looks like. This is what standing up for our fellow brothers and sisters looks like.   This is a call for a Return of the Divine.  Love and Blessings

#BelieveSurvivors #TimesUp #MeToo #nomoresecrets

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